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What is Tramadol?

This is a prescription drug. Tramadol is available in two types viz. immediate release and prolonged release effect. Immediate-release drugs start working in your system as soon as you take them, while long-acting drugs start working permanently.

Tramadol can be found under the brand name as well as generic. Common types are widely available and cost less than tablet brands. It should be noted that tramadol is a controlled substance and you should not take it without the supervision of your GP. This medicine is used to effectively relieve all kinds of body aches and pains.

If you miss a dose, do not take any additional medication and continue with the schedule. Tramadol acts as a pain reliever and it is recommended not to miss any dose. On the other hand, if you overdose on a drug, see a doctor immediately. This can cause severe drowsiness, slowed breathing, cold skin, slow heart rate, or a worse condition such as a coma. Consumption without medical advice can be fatal for both children and adults.

Use of Tramadol

This medication is usually prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain in the body. Health professionals often use it as part of therapy. This means that patients are advised to take the drug with other drugs so that the recovery process is easier and faster. This drug is part of a variety of treatments because it belongs to the opioid agonist-drug class.

Tramadol 100mg plays an important role in changing the brain’s ability to experience pain.

Various scientists believe it is similar to the endorphins found in your brain. These endorphins are receptors that help relieve pain.

The function of tramadol is similar to that of the receptor. Reduces the pain messages your brain receives from your body.

Tramadol Dose

Your tramadol dose will depend on your age, condition, other medical conditions (if any), and your response to the first dose. You should discuss with your doctor whether your situation calls for a 50 mg fast-release tablet or a 200-m or 300-mg slow-release tablet.

For Adults

For moderate to severe pain, adults can take one 50 mg quick-release tablet four times a day. You can increase the dose to 200 mg per day if your body can tolerate it. Adults can also maintain the dose by taking 50 to 100 mg every four or six hours, as needed. Health experts recommend a maximum of 400 mg per day for adults.

You can start using Tramadol with a delayed release of 100 mg per day. Your doctor may increase the dose by 100 mg after five days. Your maximum prolonged-release dose should be 300 mg daily.

Dosage for the Elderly People

The elderly have slow liver and kidney function. As a result, the drug stays in the system longer than usual, which can cause side effects. Your doctor may suggest a specific dosing regimen based on your condition. However, if you are over 75 years old, you can take one 300 mg quick-release tablet a day.

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